Tips On How To Choose Your Perfect Pair Of Wedding Shoes

For any bride with a shoe obsession, you know that picking out the perfect pair of wedding shoes is JUST as important as the wedding dress itself! For other brides, eh... not so much. Either way, your wedding shoes should be a reflection of you and what’s important to you: whether it be the style, comfort, color, design or price. Of course, it’s always easier to say what you want rather than actually hunting down that perfect pair. This is your wedding day after all, and no detail, large or small, should be overlooked! I mean, you did spend years dreaming of what your wedding day will be like, am I right?!

Here are a few things to consider when looking for those perfect pair of wedding shoes. Let the search begin!



...It actually does matter!

Ladies, you are well aware that there are a lot of different heel heights to choose from! Anything from ballet flats to six-inch heels...your options are soaring though the roof. The thing to think about when choosing your height will depend on what you are comfortable wearing and the style of the shoe. BUT the big deciding factor, however, is will you be wearing them all night and if so, where?

Personally, I love high heals but I can only wear them only for a few hours. Although, there are women out there who can rock skyscraper shoes...particularly Lady Gaga, J-Lo and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw (I know you know who that is!) The height that will be right for you all depends on what you feel most comfortable in. If you are a pro in high heels and can spend numerous amounts of hours in them, more power to you sister! Go for it! However, if you are the type of gal that prays she makes it down the stairs without falling, it might be best to be honest and practical with yourself and lean towards something that's much closer to the ground. One other thing to consider is the dress length! If your dress is a tad too long and is sweeping the floor as you walk, flat shoes might not be the best way to go. 

Take a look at some of the different styles previous brides have chosen...



...Make it pop!

Brides, it's time to be bold and different! The color you choose will obviously depend on the color of your dress and wedding theme. You need to think about this now... do you want your shoes to match the dress or do you want them to pop and stand out? Will they be a focal point? Perhaps you want just a tad of color peaking out from the dress? Or maybe you would rather have shoes that match your dress, in which case they would need to be a shade of white matching the dress.

Whichever the case, check out these badass styles below...



...Glamour vs. simplicity!

Most women are more concerned with the overall style of their wedding shoes than anything else, but it’s all important! The style of shoe you choose should match your dress, the time of year and the overall style/theme of your wedding. You wouldn't wear boots in the summertime right? Like anything else, the shoes should also match your own individuality and sense of fashion.

If you are all about glamour, sparkle and statement pieces...choose a shoe that everyone will notice right off the bat! This shoe will be all about character and will defiantly have some bling to it. Diamonds and all sparkles are a girl's best friend am I right? 

But if your a simple girl that prefers neutral colors and simple designs, feel free to keep your shoes simple, too. Nothing bad about some simplicity nowadays. Everyone has their own particular style and fashion. 

Take a closer look at what I mean...


Venture Out...

...Be unique and stand out!

Ladies! Be different and think outside of the shoebox! There are multiple of options aside from the standard high heel or flat when walking down the aisle. Don't limit yourself to those standards! Imagine you are getting married on the beach, sandals or wedges are perfectly fine and defiantly an appropriate option! But wait, what if you are getting married during the winter season and there's snow on the ground? Hello sneakers! Yes, that's right...I said the word sneakers! Sneakers or a cute bootie can most certainly be a good fit for those cold and snowy days. Challenge yourself and venture out from the norm. Everyone is different so why should you be a copycat? 

When I say think outside of the shoebox...


Don't Limit Yourself...

...The more the merrier!


Why only have one pair of shoes when you can have more! What woman has only one pair of shoes just sitting around in her closet? Maybe one hundred is the correct answer... okay that's a tad too high of a number but you get the point!

If you want to switch up your shoes from ceremony to reception, go for it! If you’re getting married in a house of worship (temple, church, mosque, etc.), you might want to consider a nicer, more modest pair of wedding shoes than the blinged out high heels you are planning to wear to your ballroom reception! It is very normal for brides to change their shoes, and even their wedding dress, in between the ceremony and the reception. Let's shake things up brides to be! If the ceremony and reception have different themes or vibes, consider changing your look to match each setting. But let's be honest... who wouldn't want yet another opportunity to buy a brand new pair of shoes! I know I would! CHA-CHING

One pair just isn't enough for this bride...

After the wedding, what now?

Some brides want shoes that will be in their closet and worn for years to come long after the wedding, while others only shop for a one time wear. Which one are you? Are you planning to hit the streets in your (what were once new) stilettos you walked down the aisle in or are you thinking about preserving them along with your dress? Unlike your wedding dress, you most certainly can wear your shoes more than once and if not, I'll send you my address later!

Whatever you decide, be practical and choose a pair that will best suit you and your feet's needs! Happy Shopping!


Written by: Julia Gartsman