Commercial and Editorial Images

Magazine Features

Duron Shem-Tov is a critically acclaimed commercial and editorial photographer here in Chicago. He has works published across several Chicago Style Wedding magazines and Lifestyle magazine. His photographs showcase his ability to capture beauty, poise, fashion and products both in a studio setting or on location. Combining his love for fashion and portraiture, Duron makes sure that his images portray the model, the clothes and the products in a beautiful and seamless manner.


Food Photography

Duron’s fresh and simple aesthetic shines through in the food and beverages he photographs. Whether it's the client's direction or his personal vision, the fundamentals of Duron’s success are: adaptability, enthusiasm, organization and creativity. Being a food and beverage photographer, Duron strives to focus on great detail when it comes to plating, color and background. His photographs have been published in Chicago Style Wedding magazine and Niu Armenial Grill.