Why Do Couples Exchange Rings?

Ancient Egyptians are said to have been the first to use rings in a wedding ceremony, as early as 3000 BC. Rings were made of braided hemp or reeds formed into a circle—the symbol of eternity, not only for the Egyptians, but many other ancient cultures. The hole in the ring’s center represented a gateway or door leading to future events. These rings were placed on the fourth finger of the left hand (known as the ring finger) as Egyptians believed a vein ran from that finger straight to the heart, and this practice is said to be the origins of many later traditions. These rings were placed by a man upon the finger of his wife, signifying his confidence in her ability to care for his house.

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Return of the Plated Meal Part 1 (ChicagoStyle Weddings Food Feature Photography)

We had the pleasure to photograph these delightful, mouth-watering plates created by a group of extremely creative chefs from various catering & events companies for ChicagoStyle Weddings Magazine & Website food feature 2015/2016. Need ideas & recommendations for your weddings and events or just plain hungry? Check out this absolutely mouth-watering article!



Malka & Ari Wedding

Photography by Duron Studio Photography

Venue - Westin O'Hare

Flowers - Blooming City Floral


Malka & Ari was set up by Malka's best friend's brother.  

One night while Malka was walking around the beach with one of her girl friends.  Ari had secretly set up candles on the beach and surprised Malka with a proposal.  

Malka's dress was made out of two mother of brides dresses from Nordstrom.  The veil she wore belonged to her great grand mother.  It has been worn many times over 3 generations.  The Chuppah was also sewn by Malka's mother's best friend Alex who also made her parent's Chuppah.  




Anastasia & Juan's Wedding

Photographer & Videographer - Duron Studio Photography

Dress : A Joyfull Occasion in Naperville, La Sposa Mullet

Venue : The Westin O'hare

DJ : DJ Dan from OkyneMedia Lab

Rings : Lieber Jewelers (Earthwise, conflict-free diamonds)

Makeup : Bomber Betty

Hair : Rue 62


In 2011, Anastasia decided to leave the United States to teach English as a second languge in Brazil.  While she was finalizing plans to move, she met Juan, a Columbian.  When they had their first date,  Juan took Anastasia to a Spanish tapas restaurant, then to a club where they danced all night long.

Their love for music joined with their love for dancing created an instant bond.  Additionally, their mutual love for travel, learning about new worlds and cultures and their lives became perfect symmetry.  Anastasia's plan of moving to Brazil quickly faded as a new dream began to take shape.  Together they realized they had finally met the one person they had both been searching all their lives.

In July 2012, they got engaged aboard a sunset cruise on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.  While on the cruise, Juan became extremely seasick.  When he dropped down to one knee, Anastasia believed he was going to push out the seasickness...but instead, he pulled out a ring.  And proposed.  


AnastasiaJuan_0814 adjust.jpg