Why Should I Have a Wedding Album?

After you special day is over and your wedding keepsakes have been put away, it’s great to revisit your big day by looking through photographs that capture every special moment and memory. Just like most couples, every bride and groom went through great lengths to find a photographer to capture beautiful images as the day went on. Therefore, it is very important to choose the correct way to display and both protect you wedding photographs…that way they can be looked at time and time again. If you are considering an album or even on the fence about one, let me share a few reasons why you should purchase your very own wedding album that will always be available at anytime.

Protect Your Memories Over Time

I know it’s hard to believe that not all memories are kept with us…the truth is that memories and special moments can fade over time. A bride or groom will most likely remember the rush of emotions that they felt while saying your vows but might also forget those precious and small moment that made your wedding one of a kind. With an album, those memories will never fade. You won’t forget events such as your crazy uncle’s five minute toast or how your little niece stood on your husband’s feet as they danced around the dance floor with only a quick flip to the next page.

Digital Copies Can Be Lost

As much as we trust electronic media for our important documents and entertainment, it is crucial to remember that CDs and backup files can be lost or deleted. It can happen to anyone at anytime…electronics like computers and phones can sometimes do sneaky and unexplainable actions leaving us with missing files or pictures. Not to mention, they can be hard to retrieve at a moment’s notice. If photographs are stored on a CD or a personal computer, then it’s best to keep them there for backup. However, an effort will then need to be made to have them printed and compiled into a traditional wedding album which will less likely be lost. Again, sometimes technology isn’t on our side and it either breaks or it’s too old to function and let’s be honest with ourselves…how many of us had lost or misplaced our phones? It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to precious moments like weddings.

Technology Changes Quickly

Ask any couple that recorded their wedding on VHS, and you will learn a valuable lesson about the pitfalls of technological change. Those DVDs and CDs holding your images today will likely be obsolete within only a few short years. How many people do you think still own a VHS player? While many couples plan to have their wedding memories transferred to the next form of electronic media, the sad truth is that many never get around to it. One thing that we can all be certain about is the strong truth about traditional albums. They have been around for a long time and as technology changes…album designs change alongside. By creating your very own wedding album, you can be sure that your memories are cherished forever no matter how much things may change technologically around us.

Personalize Your Memories

One of the best things about wedding albums is that they can be personally customized and made to mark a statement about your marriage. Whether you choose a leather-bound album or one covered in fabric, both can make a tremendous difference in how your photos are presented. Many albums can be personalized with an image, text or both! By choosing a cover that is personalized and truly yours, you can make sure that everyone who sees your album knows the value you place on your marriage and your overall style.

Wedding Albums are Like a Storybook

When browsing through the pages of a photo album, your friends and family can enjoy the story of your wedding day. Framed photos and snapshots may only provide a glimpse into one specific moment. No matter how many pictures you see on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, they cannot be compared to professionally taken images. An album can be arranged to tell your wedding day from start to finish. From getting ready.. to the bride and groom pictures… to the family portraits… and to the first dance…your special day can be made from beginning to end. You can even set up specific albums for your engagement dinner, wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon if you prefer. Your wedding day is one of the most important times of your life…why not capture that and turn your night into a beautifully created story?

Create a Family Treasure

Throughout history, wedding albums have served as an essential record of a family’s history. Nowhere else can a person find so many authentic photos of relatives and friends engaged in a day full of romance and family attachments. By creating an album, you will be contributing to your family history by ensuring that future generations have a record of how their family came to be over time. While it may be hard to imagine great-grandchildren so far down the road, it is likely that they could one day have your album passed down into their hands.

You Will be Glad You Have It

When looking back at your wedding day, the only regret that many couples have is that they do not have enough photographs of their special day. Those who took the time to create a wedding album never have to worry about something being left out or not portrayed correctly. With an album, you can quickly show off your wedding and take time to reminisce about that special day with your friends and family. Whether you are just planning the stages of your wedding or just shopping around for ideas, remember that apart from digital files, albums you can physically hold and look through will always bring back fond memories of your special day.

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.59.46 AM.jpg

Lustre Book

Contemporary.Versatile.High Quality

The contemporary look – square cut, white page edges, and dozens of cover combinations makes Lustre Book a versatile choice. This flush mount wedding album is printed on professional photo paper which is coated for protection. For Lustre Books with either a Wraparound + Photo cover or Leather Spine + Photo, choose between a Gloss or Matte laminate cover finish. Lustre Book is available in standard or thick pages. Standard pages are 1/32” thick or about as thick as a dime. Thick pages are 1/16″ thick or about at thick as a nickel. Choose modern or italic font styles for name/date imprinting or add an old world monogram as a title. Cover stamping can be branded or foil stamped in black, gold or silver.

Lustre Book Smalls are also available and a great choice for wedding parent albums with photographic printing to match Lustre Bigs. Lustre Book Smalls come with Wraparound + Photo covers only. Choose from glossy or matte cover finishes. All wedding albums in the same order must have the same cover finish.

Choose from five different cover types:

Wraparound/Leather Spine or Acrylic/Splash Cameo/ Cameo/Full Leather

Available Sizes: A la carte: (8x8, 6x6) & Package Options: (1) 8×8 with (1) 4×4 or (2) 6×6

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.40.47 AM.png

Zook Book


Choose between the folded Zook Book which shows panoramic designs with a seamless appearance or the traditional split option with a 1/16″ center split. The Zook Book comes with Silver Halide Photographic Paper and can be upgraded to Metallic Paper for an edgier look. Gilding helps seal pages from moisture while adding that touch of timeless class.Choose modern or italic font styles for name/date imprinting or add a traditional monogram as a title. Cover stamping can be branded or foil stamped in black, gold or silver. Slipcases are also available: comes in Standard, Glove, and Distressed leather to match the album.

Choose from four styles:

Splash Cameo/Acrylic or Reflectionz/Cameo/Full Leather

All leather is genuine top grain cowhide. Choose from seven colors of standard leather or upgrade to softer, more supple glove leather in 20 colors ranging from traditional to wild, or try our rich distressed leathers for a rustic look.

Available Sizes: (8x8, 10x10, 12x12)

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 12.54.43 PM.png

Young Book


A style that expresses new forms, imposing itself as a modern classic, based on creativity and craftsmanship. There are many different color combinations, ready to be customized and thus capable of satisfying even the most refined tastes.

You can choose the photographic or the metallic paper with digital laser printing. Or alternatively, Tintoretto and Photo Fine Art papers with digital offset printing. All options are available with glossy or matte lamination with the exception of the metallic paper.

The Young Book offers thick pages as a standard, offering more durability by adding an insert between the pages.The real connection between digital and traditional worlds are the rigid pages. Pages become very strong and thick, in every way similar to the traditional albums.

The idea developed from the need to create a more flexible product dedicated to the young and trend-conscious couples.