Passport Photography in Skokie


Duron Studio Photography accepts both scheduled and walk-in appointments for passport photography.
Wait time for prints can range from 10-30 minutes depending on the complexity of the application requirements and the volume of business in-studio when you arrive. We guarantee your photos will qualify for your passport/identification application or we will retake them free of charge. If you are arranging for a foreign passport, visa, or identification card, please be sure to bring the application specifications with you that we can be sure to send you on your way with the correctly sized and proportioned photographs. Specializing in Canadian and American passports. 


American Passport Photos $15.00

Foreign Passport/Identification Photos $25.00 - $30.00


Recent international passports we have processed:

  • Canadian 

  • Australian

  • Greek

  • Bulgarian

  • Israeli

  • Belarus

  • Russia

  • Iranian

  • Slovenian

  • Swiss

  • Serbian

  • Indian

  • Mongolian

  • Jamaican

  • Filipino

  • Polish

  • American

  • And Many Others