Cinderella Everything

Yay!  Stella is 5 this year!  And we were very fortunate to be a part of her birthday party.

So hello to a year(s) of glass slippers everything.   This year, instead of obsessing over Elsa and Olaf, 5 year olds are looking for their Prince Charming and lost glass slippers.  I overheard a couple of 5 year olds asking Spiderman and Jack Sparrow if they had a "girlfriend".   Things sure have changed over the decades,  I used to worry about when I will get my next piece of candy.  If only they would start sweeping floors and cleaning chimneys like Cinderella too.  >.<  

Fortunately, Stella got to celebrate her 5th birthday with not only Cinderella and Prince Charming, Spiderman and Jack Sparrow were there too and oh, Elsa was invited for old time sake.   Check out this Fairy-tale-super-hero-star-studded birthday party below!