How to Choose the Right Bouquet for Your Wedding

Let Duron Studio Photography help you in picking out your next bridal or bridesmaid bouquet! Let’s take a look below for some advise and ideas:

The Posy Bouquet

The Posy wedding bouquet consist of a variation of flowers arranged in a circular fashion. The bouquet will then have a slightly dome shape to it once completes. The style can range from using just one type of flower, to a full posy mixing a variety of flowers with large flower heads. Those flowers can be roses, dahlias and peonies. 

This bouquet can either be constructed loosely with  a hand-wrapped wedding color-coordinated ribbon and an embellished trim, or by replacing the stems with florists wire for a more structured look.

 The Cascade Bouquet

The cascade bouquet is also known at the "waterfall" bouquet. The cascading bouquet is designed with an abundance of overflowing flowers water-falling down in a loose style. This particular bouquet requires a lot of flowers to complete the look. It is considered the most traditional and formal of all wedding bouquets. 

The Arm Sheath Bouquet

Also known as the "presentation" or "pageant" bouquet, this particular style is designed to rest on the bride's forearm, Tradionally, this style includes long-stemmed flowers such as orchids, giant irises, calla lillies and sunflowers. 

The Biedermeier Bouquet

This unique style was created by a Swiss floral designer in the late 1880s. He named it after a German interior style. This bouquet consists of a dense cluster of blooms that are tightly-structured and carefully arranged in a defined circular pattern of various colored flowers. Each ring contains one type of flower. Really dramatic Biedermeiers can consist of four or more layers of different flowers. 

Nosegay Bouquet

A nosegay wedding bouquet is similar to the posy. It also is a compact cluster of flowers but in the nosegay bouquet, the stems are wrapped tightly with satin ribbon or with organza and cut to one, uniform length. These bouquets are very trendy but also popular for smaller arrangements for bridesmaids. 


Written by: Julia Gartsman