How Will My Day Look With You As My Photographer?

How Will My Day Look With You As My Photographer?

While the best wedding images may look flawless and unique, there is a great deal of time and planning that goes into creating those magnificent wedding photographs.


The Early Stage

Here at Duron Studio, we start planning weeks in advance! We make sure the paperwork if filed, we speak with both the Bride and Groom and in some cases we even chat with the parents. At times, we also speak with the vendors to make sure we have everything planned and coordinated.

When we speak to the Bride or Groom prior to their big day, we discuss the following:

  • A detailed timeline of your wedding including: “getting ready” images, “first look” images, bride and groom images, ceremony and decor images, formal portraits and lastly, your reception.

  • Location of the “getting ready” images, your ceremony and reception venue

  • A location for the Bride and Groom images if different than the venue

Day Of The Wedding: Getting Ready

We strive on making sure that we are always ready for your big day no matter what issue might arise. The day before your wedding, we make sure our cameras are properly working, batteries and spares are fully charged, tripods are folded and lighting equipment is packed and ready to go. The day of your wedding we arrive 30 minutes to an hour early to scope out the area and to set up the lighting equipment along with any cameras.

Once it’s go time, we meet with the Bride for her “getting ready” shots. Most times, the Bride and Groom get ready in separate rooms…even locations… to build up to their “first look” moment. While the Bride is getting ready, we make sure to capture the fine details such as your wedding dress, bouquet, shoes, rings and other jewelry, makeup and hair. We also make sure to get some bridesmaids and family shots if they are present.

We love to document in a journalistic style so being candid is what we do best! We believe that natural and unposed portraits portray a special kind of beauty captured in the moment.

Once the bride is dressed and ready to go, we make sure to capture some solo portraits both posed and candid before she proceeds to her “first look” moment with her husband to be.

Meanwhile…as the Bride is getting ready and we have already photographed the details…we meet with the Groom for his “getting ready” pictures both solo and with his best men and family.

Day Of Wedding: “First Look” And Couples’ Images

As soon as we know that both the Bride and Groom are ready, we make sure to plan out how the Bride will be walking and staying out of sight while capturing only the most incredible “first look” images.

Sometimes, the Bride and Groom are at separate locations and if that’s the case, we wait until the bride is fully finished and together we travel to the Groom’s location.

We tell the Groom where to stand and which direction to face as we begin to guide the Bride to her future husband. As the Bride walks, we try to be un-intrusive and let both of them have their special and intimate moment as she places her hand on his shoulder.

What can be more romantic than seeing your future partner looking their absolute best and thinking “this is who I am marrying today.”

As soon as the couple finishes up with the “first look”, we will take Bride and Groom images either on location or anywhere that you want (we are open and creative and love new ideas)! If the Bride and Groom have their bridal party with them…all we say “The more the merrier!” Once we have finished, we head back to your ceremony venue to prepare for your marriage!

However, not every couple chooses to see each other prior to the ceremony so we go ahead and do something a bit different.

We will photograph the bride and her family separately and do the same with the groom and his family. We will take formal portraits of both parties and possibly some candid moments until it’s time for the ceremony. As the ceremony begins, this is the “first look” that the couple will have so, we aim to capture their every glance and emotion. As soon as the ceremony concludes, we will go ahead and capture both the husband and wife along with their families. If time permits, we will then photograph the bride and groom together prior to starting the wedding reception either on location or at another venue.

Day of Wedding: Ceremony

It’s finally time to walk down that long white aisle. We make sure our lighting is ready and if there is an additional photographer or assistant, we place them in different parts of the room capturing every aspect leading up to the big “I-do!”

Right after everyone finishes their cheers and claps, we pull aside the Bride and her family along with the Groom and his family. Bridesmaid and groomsmen can join as well. Once the guests have left to the reception we begin to take formal portraits.

Once everyone has been photographed the rest of the party, besides the Bride and Groom, join the guests in the reception room. Taking a few moments, we try to capture some intimate shots of the Bride and Groom in and outside of the venue if weather permits. As soon as we have some nice images of the couple, we head out to the reception room awaiting the Bride and Groom’s grand entrance!

No matter where we are photographing and who, we ALWAYS make sure to help with hair and makeup, touching up your outfit so it looks good, making sure everyone is correctly positioned and smiling at the camera. If someone is missing from the picture…don’t sweat it! We can make room for the missing person and add them in during our retouching and editing process!

Day of Wedding: Reception

Now it’s time to party! While the guests are enjoying snacks and music, we are preparing for the Bride and Groom’s entrance. Some couples do it differently so we always have to be prepared for anything.

An announcement was just made that the Bride and Groom are ready to come in…we start by photographing the guests, the family members and the overall room. Once those doors open or the drapes are pulled apart, we immediately focus on you and your grand entrance as you make your way across the room.

As the night progresses, we will continue to photograph guests dancing,  the entertainment, the first dance, toasts and so forth. Just to be clear, we don’t miss a thing and we stay as long as you need us there.

We know that some people spend a lot of money on wedding decor and flowers…don’t worry! We always manage to capture the fine details during the ceremony and the reception prior to the guests arriving. We care about the beauty too!

After The Wedding

Typically, it takes about two weeks to deliver the online proof gallery. Once you have looked through the gallery, you and anyone else is able to purchase the photographs. We offer different options…Individual prints, wedding albums, album designs and more!

Depending on the package you choose, prices and duration of images may vary.

Written By: Julia Gartsman