Art In Motion: Sharing My Love For Dance

Dancing isn’t just a sport – it’s a passion, a purpose and a lifelong dream!

Dance requires huge amounts of poise, mastery, discipline and determination. Duron, of Duron Studio Photography, is an avid dance lover and photographer. He has been photographing dance for 20 years and has been photographing his daughter’s passion for dance for 7 years now. Check her out below!

Here at Duron Studio Photography, we know that dancing is a beautiful art form, and we love to create graceful and artistic dance portraits that showcase the dancer’s grace, spirit, amazing talent and flexibility. While perfect technique is important, Duron tries to emphasize the style and beauty of the dancer(s) and not just the dance itself.

Elegant, energetic, and dramatic dance photography is both a treat and a study of movement. Aiming to convey the spirit and skill of the dancers, Duron often opts to shoot dancers mid-motion, showcasing their graceful gestures by freezing a moment in time.

Whether you are in need of dance photos for academy applications, building an online following or to capture timeless memories of you in your zone, Duron Studio Photography would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, please take a look at some of our dance photographs we have compiled for you below(:

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Written by Julia Gartsman