Getting Ready Images Are Just As Important To Grooms

Men…Future Grooms…Listen Up

The groom getting ready photos are as equally important because they create a record of what the groom does while he prepares for his wedding day. It’s good to capture these moments because men and women have slightly different “traditions” while getting ready to walk down the aisle.

...And after the dust settles, you will be able to relive every moment of your special day, both together and with your friends and family.

So let’s start!

Sometimes, the groom may get ready alone or with his best man/men and family members. Ps- Just because he is on his own doesn’t mean that you can’t have great photos! Often though, the groom will get ready together with his best man/men. Men get ready much quicker than their lovely brides so it’s important to spot the details and those special candid moments.

(For instance, while the men are in the early stages of their preparations, photographers can take more images of the wedding location, the bride or the fine details!)

Generally, I focus more on the finishing stages when men are getting ready. For example: The excitement, joy, laughter, playfulness and even nerves are being expressed...moments like these are genuine, real with authentic feelings. These are wonderful photographic memories.

Male wedding attire is not always easy to put on...but definitely a whole lot easier than trying to put on a wedding dress. The person helping the groom, is likely a best friend, brother, father, someone important to you. So the adjusting or the helping with a bow-tie and inserting cufflinks are moments that can easily be photographed and capture the feelings and spontaneity between everyone.

Here are some good ideas when capturing the groom’s getting ready photographs:

  1. Sometimes the bride and groom exchange gifts, cards or both. This is another lovely and often very emotional moment. The gift can be very touching and the sentiments those few words on a card can be very special moments. Especially as the person who gives you the gift will love seeing the photos of your reaction. So if you do receive a surprise gift/card try and open it WITH the photographer present.

2. Once everyone is ready, it’s a common tradition to have a toast. This offers another great photographic moment. Grooms usually prepare for this by bringing that bottle of something special! (His favorite whiskey or whatever he prefers.) Sometimes the groom will bring matching shot glasses or other props making for great photos…a shot of the good stuff will help settle any nerves too! Take this time to photograph the groom with his best men/man outside of the hotel room. That means...funny poses...toasting....showing off matching attire (Usually cufflinks, socks, or shoes)... and just them being their manly and silly selves.

3. Don’t forget to take some solo images of the groom around the wedding venue! Every handsome groom needs a portrait or six!

Well that’s it! But before you go, check out a few more handsome fellows below and remember to keep Duron Studio Photography in mind for your future events!

Written by Julia Gartsman