Why Do We Photograph Wedding Dresses on Hangers?

A few words from Duron Studio Photography about those

When you look through wedding pictures or even albums you are bound to spot a white wedding dress in one of those images sooner or later.

The wedding dress picture has become ubiquitous, among many photographer’s standard shots…just look at Pinterest…there are thousands of them out there. Every wedding dress is as different as the bride wearing them.

In the process of buying a wedding dress, the bride has probably seen pictures of it on catalog models or mannequins…she’s seen it hanging on the store racks…in a mirror…and on herself still contemplating the look and fit of it. After all the alterations and additional money spent, it’s finally hers.

Once it is hers, once it has been chosen, settled on, bought, paid for, altered and kept until the wedding day it’s empty and awaiting anticipation. A wedding dress is a real investment for some folks. Before the bride finally puts on her dress, a photograph of it alone and untouched must be captured before it’s too late. Think of the dress as an accomplishment, a reward, and happiness for a lifetime to come in itself.

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

A dress is usually hung in preparation to the big day! Bride’s spend thousands of dollars on a dress they will most likely wear only once…it better be taken care of! Also, how many girls dream of their big day especially wearing their own white wedding dress….a lot! It’s important to capture something that is dear to the bride’s heart.

Typically, the dress hangs suspended from window frames, hotel or dressing room doors, spread across the bed and sometimes hangs on a chandelier. Keep in mind, location matters! If you are having a rustic wedding in a barn then your dress may be suspended from the rafters of the barn or hanging down from a tree.

Truthfully and practically speaking, the dress is hanging because that’s the only way to really see it. The traditional white wedding dress is often a big and heavy sucker, with a train, and it needs to be lifted high enough to be able to get the full measure of it. That’s why it’s photographed from below with the camera angled up or from further away,

Some photographers just capture one or two images of the dress and move on…that ain’t right guys! A dress that costs numerous long work shifts needs to be shared and portrayed in full detail! That means the veil….the train….the beading….the glitter….the fine details….and of course the bride getting into her fairytale dress.

Whatever happens next, whatever pictures you took, the dress is a memory. A memory that will leave you looking like a princess or like royalty on the biggest day of your life. Check out some wedding dresses we captured over time:

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Written by: Julia Gartsman